Hi, I'm Marley

Welcome to my website!

This website is my little corner of the web where I'll share art, thoughts, and more! I hope you enjoy your visit.

About me

My pronouns are she/her. I'm an artist (working primarily with sound), a programmer, and a tinkerer. I've always approached programming as a creative tool: my very first experience with programming was drawing shapes and animating them on Khan Academy's interactive JavaScript editor. I love designing machines that are fine-tuned to produce a work of art, where the machine is as much a part of the art as its output. Also, I made this website with the font Averia Serif by Dan Sayers which was produced by a computer program.

I play theremin, modular/patch synthesizers, keyboards, and electric bass guitar, all with a focus on improvisation and sound design. My favorite tools for making generative music and sound art are Pure Data, SuperCollider, and Audacity.

Some things I like: coffee and learning new ways to make it, bicycles, free and open source software, the Rust programming language, thinking about the nature of time and reality, listening to music (especially vinyl records), and enjoying sunlight.

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